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Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado Springs, Colorado, From My Brother's Deck

1,246-9-60 ... Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, Earth


My brother just emailed me this photo (6-27-12). ... I enhanced it to bring out the colors.


His email said:


We're just six to eight miles (from my deck it looks like it's next door!)

We got sprinkled with ash and heavy smoke yesterday from 4pm til midnight.

The fire tripled in size in 4 hours when the wind changed and blew down the canyons just south of the airforce academy. 36,000 mandatory evacuated.


Side note from thegreatlandoni:

One of our grandsons was among those evacuated from the USAF Academy !


It's now 16,000 acres and a good portion of it is in the city on the west side of I-25. They closed I-25 for most of the evening due to visibility and TA's.

We know lot's of folks who lost their homes up there. I'd estimate three to five hundred homes burned to the ground.... not sure as no one knows yet.

Listening to joint fire command on my scanner and at one point the chiefs and commander conversations were like this "triage - take a stand - make a difference - save what's standing - knock down the worst and get out - resign the area - bump up to perrigrin join engin 51 - accountability check - staging 25 amr ambulances - fuel and chow at 30th and centennial" - etc.

This fire won't be controlled any time soon we expect 7-10 days with 100 degree temps and no precip - winds 20mph to 60mph at times.

Epic losses, armagedon, apocolyptic, and if this crosses hwy 24 or I-25 we're all screwed.

God save the queen.



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Taken on June 26, 2012