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Our New Drinking Water Filter System - Part 2

137-3-59 ... Denver suburbs, Colorado, USA, Earth


In our basement. ... The idea is to fill our bottles and jugs here instead of buying countless jugs of reverse osmosis filtered water at the health food store and lugging it home.


My wife researched drinking water problems and solutions and ended up purchasing this five stage REVERSE OSMOSIS unit.


Guess who got to install it.


Why the basement ?

We didn't want to have to cut a hole in the porcelain kitchen sink for the new faucet (item 2) ... and we didn't want to try to jam all this stuff in the cupboard below the kitchen sink ... and we wanted easy access for changing the filters every six months.


We happened to have this utility sink in the basement and it seemed like a good place to install the system.


In the photo above:


1. The main unit with four of the five filters


2. the new faucet for purified water


3. hoses going to items 5 & 6 plus lot's more stuff not visible in this photo


4. Incoming water to sink (hot & cold)


5. drain from sink


6. storage tank for purified water


7. Cold water line to the sink


8. A valve to steal water from (7) to feed the new filter system


9. Filter #5 just ahead of the new faucet (2)


10. the purified water to the new faucet (2)


11. the drain line from the filter unit


12. a gizmo empty item (11) into the sink drain (5)


13. filtered water to the storage tank (6)


14. What are you looking for item 14 for ? ... There ain't no item 14 !


See photo below for the rest of the system.


Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3



1. Apple iPhoto for cropping and basic enhancement, ...

2. Apple Preview to add numbers and arrows.



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Taken on June 14, 2012