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My Antique Camera | by thegreatlandoni
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My Antique Camera

1,030-4-77 ... You've all heard me talk about my antique coal-fired camera. ... Well, I found some good pictures of it on the internet a while back ... so here it is.


It looks really impressive and it does have a lot going for it. ... It works great as long as the subject is sitting still, or moving very slowly. ... Forget spontaneous shooting.


It is almost impossible to take pix of children at play or airplanes in flight.


It is not possible to achieve Bokeh in bright light.


See: for an extremely thorough review


My brief summary:




10X zoom lens ... motor-driven zoom via convenient switch

... f = 1/4 - 23/8 in. (6.0 - 60mm) (39 -360 mm when converted to 35mm still camera)

... F = 2.8

Digital zoom doubles f to 120mm (720 mm when converted to 35mm still camera)

Excellent optical image stabilization (Steady shot)

Macro: f 1.2" (3cm) to infinity

Auto exposure ... Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Night, Spot meter

Spot metering (push button)

Minimum shutter speed: 8 seconds in "Night +" or shutter priority

... Dim light shots can sometimes be hand-held or with simple support

White balance: auto, indoor, outdoor, one-push

Extensive compliment of menu-selected settings too numerous to mention

Movie capable ... built-in microphone & speaker

Built-in flash (manual pop-up) (redeye, forced on, off)

... Range: 23-5/8 in to 8-1/3 feet (0.6m to 2.5m)

... Low - Med - High power settings

External flash capable

LCD panel size: 2.5 type (560 X 220 dots) (on-off button)

Rechargeable Lithium ion with time remaining readout

... Shooting time: 190 minutes

... Charger furnished

Image review ... can zoom in

USB connection

Playback through TV capability




Original price in 2000: US$1300 ... I paid about 1000 ... $186 today on Amazon

2.1 megapixels (1.92 effective)

Max resolution: 1600 X 1200

Viewfinder: LCD ... NOT SLR !!

... 800 X 225 dots

ISO: automatic (80 to 300) CANNOT BE SELECTED MANUALLY !!

Image recording medium: 3.15 in dia (8cm) CD-R ... NOT FLASH CHIP !!

Mass: 35 oz (990 g) HEAVY !!

Dimensions: 5-1/2 X 5-1/4 X 8-3/8 in (137 X 131 X212 mm) BULKY !!

Max shutter speed: 1/500 sec

Frames per second: ONE SHOT PER 5.5 SECONDS !!! (39.2 sec in TIFF mode)

... NO BUFFER ... image must be written to the CD-R before control is returned to

picture taking

Time to power on: 3.9 seconds !!! ... Up to 14 seconds after changing CD-R !!!

Time to focus: 1.1 to 1.6 seconds !!! (average depending on movement etc.)

Off to shot taken: 6.8 seconds !!!

Playback image-to-image: up to 7.6 seconds !!!

CD-R has to be "Initialized" in camera before use

CD-R has to be "Finalized" in camera before removal for playback in your PC

... It came with software that let you put the disk in your PC without finalizing it ... was great ... but Microsoft Windows "upgrades" put an end to that !!


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Taken on June 15, 2009