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1916 Bristol M1C Wing And Rigging Details

1,606-0-14 ... Not my photo. ... Found on the web. ... Used to settle an arguement.


In this photo the rib caps, stitching and rib tapes are all very evident except in the white center of the roundel.


Maybe the white paint is not as glossy? Lighting and reflections are big factors in what is seen in a photo or when looking at a real airplane or when looking at a model.


Here we also see a metal cover over the attachment point of a rigging cable to a wing. The tensioning adjustment is seen where it exits the cover (not exactly a turnbuckle but serves the same purpose).




A friend and I were debating what the ribs should look like on a 1:48 scale Nieuport 11 model I was building.


The kit wings had what are sometimes called "starved cow" ribs where there is a substantial valley between the ribs.


The kit wings had these valleys extending all the way from the leading edge to the trailing edge, on both the topside and the underside.


It is not unusual among wwi modelers to entirely sand off all of these molded-on ribs, topside and bottomside and replace them with something else.


My friend felt that the kit wings were better as-is. This is an additional example beyond what I emailed him to try to defend my position.


We were also discussing how to represent rigging and turnbuckles.


So I created this photo set so I could discuss these matters without constantly emailing photos.


Then experts from began contributing (not on Flickr but on the wwi-models mailing list).

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Taken on April 1, 2008