Baby platypus

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    Platypus are amazing. Did you know the platypus is the only Australian mammal known to be venomous?

    "Endemic to Australia and one of only five egg-laying mammal species in the world, the platypus feeds almost entirely in water and generally at night. Using the touch and electro-receptors on its distinctive bill, it spends several hours foraging along streambeds, consuming approximately 13-28 percent of its body weight in freshwater invertebrates. Females feeding young can consume almost their own body
    weight of these mostly tiny animals in a single day." Dr Tom Grant, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of New South Wales.

    For more platypus information see: Australian Platypus Conservancy

    LandLearn NSW -

    Photo taken by Faye Bedford & supplied by Dr T. Grant.

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