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    my 4 a.m. freak out- what appears to be a random blood stain on my 2.5 year old's tshirt. WHERE DID IT COME FROM? he woke up and was acting all scared and weird and he had these 2 big stains on the front and back of his shirt. i checked him everywhere but there wasn't a spot of blood on his body. POLTERGEIST? my theory is that it's just a weird, dark, gross pee stain? i hope?


    1. simple tess 60 months ago | reply

      That is horrifying. Was he playing with anything liquidy that day?

    2. land_camera_land_camera 60 months ago | reply

      IT WAS A CLEAN SHIRT AT BEDTIME! dun dun dunnnnn.

    3. theivorytower 60 months ago | reply

      how did detergent get on him?!

    4. land_camera_land_camera 60 months ago | reply

      i think it dripped on the shirt when i carried the laundry upstairs, i always stick the bottle on top of the basket of laundry. i must not have noticed it when i folded the shirt up and put it away.

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