The Day After

So after the large gathering Saturday morning at Rowena and the less then spectacular sunrise, I decided to once again set my alarm for an extremely early wake up. Driving out it was obvious that the weather was much better and the chance of some color was looking good. Once I got to Rowena, it was pretty clear, the sky had a good chance, but the winds were fierce as can be! I scrambled up the trail hoping to find a different spot then I shot the previous day, but after looking around, I could not find a location that offered the flowers looking the right direction (still in moderately good shape), and with a little shelter from the wind. I plopped down in the dirt and waited for the show! The pre-sunrise was awesome! lots of color. I was really hoping for the color to stick around long enough to include the sun once it showed above the distant hill, but by the time it made it's appearance the color was pretty much gone.


Hope everyone is having a great week! and happy hump day!!

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Taken on May 2, 2010