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America's First Indoor Ski Slope

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Right here in New Jersey. This is part of the Meadowlands Xanadu Mall, which is part of the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ. It will open soon.

  1. Phils Room 62 months ago | reply

    Really....is it a ski slope?

  2. LancerE 62 months ago | reply

    Yeah, The inside will have snow, a lift, and everything.

  3. Phils Room 62 months ago | reply

    Wow I dont live far from here, i will have oto go and see it when it opens.

  4. D:> D.H.LEE 58 months ago | reply

    I still think Xanadu is the biggest eyesore this place could receive. At least put up some new paint or something. :\

    And if it wasn't worse enough, it seems that the place finds one problem after another.

  5. LancerE 58 months ago | reply

    I think Xanadu's paint is much nicer than most other buildings along Route 3..

  6. D:> D.H.LEE 58 months ago | reply

    I would probably find the place a lot less burdensome to look at if the Meadowlands weren't so flat and... green. The slate-gray gets boring after awhile, but it maintains a sort of modern gothic feel as a result. This just feel haphazard.

    If you ever wander along the Hackey, you might see what I mean. Sunsets with a power line or two in the background can be meddlesome, but having something like this behind the marshes just feels... bleagh.

  7. LancerE 58 months ago | reply

    I just heard that Meadowlands Xanadu will be covered with wall-to-wall billboards to mask the paint.. i'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet.. we'll see

  8. runey3456 41 months ago | reply

    Its been a year

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