Pope Pius XII

[1939 - 1958]


The Pope who greeted the Philippines on the celebration of the Tricentennial of La Naval de Manila - the longest Papal Document on the Santo Rosario and La Naval de Manila



  • Pætur Bærentsen 6y

    Great shot, albeit a bit over the edge as far as our times are cinsidered.
  • CS43 3y

    A great man . I hope to see the day when he gets canonized .
  • F.J. Díaz Pérez III 3y

    Pope Pius XII (Eugenio Pacelli)
    His Holiness, Pope Pius XII
  • R Winn 3y

    He was a failure. When faced with the greatest evils of his generation, he was silent.
  • John Crowley 3y

    Now, that is an ignorant comment. With the number of Jews he had squirreled away in the Vatican, you'd think he started his own state of Israel. And what was he supposed to do, go up and punch Hitler in his mustache? And that would have accomplished precisely what? Hitler, no respecter of persons would have quickly taken the Pope out and then you'd have one less person working to save the innocent. Let me ask though, where were you and yours when our Semitic friends needed a kind word?
  • F.J. Díaz Pérez III 3y

    if we would be objective about things, we ought to see how the contemporaries of Pius XII looked upon him and his relations with the Jews. by my superficial reading on the subject, he was praised or commended a number of times by Jewish luminaries during his time. Apparently the negative issues right now are being hurled by sectors in our present day and obviously ignore the fact of what he did during the Nazi years but focused merely on what was said or not said by the man or the office.
  • R Winn 3y

    John Crowley
    It LOL'd at "that is an ignorant comment". Anyone with any knowledge of the times would know that Mussolini had the power to protect the Pope and it would have been insane for him not to do so. Germany was not going to go to war with its only major Continental ally and the Italians were not going to let anybody kill Il Papa .
    But let's say Hitler threatened to martyr Pius. There was a day when popes had the guts to tell secular rulers they were doing wrong. Placing Germany under the Interdict would have saved lives. Hiding a few favored Jews around the Vatican may or may not have occurred but when you are the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, more is expected.
    And if you are truly a man of faith, you don't fear death.
    Pius failed. Those who worship him are to be pitied.
  • CS43 3y

    What power did the Pope honestly have? I don't think Hitler who was a Pagan would care about what the Pope said.
  • R Winn 3y

    The power to speak. Much of Germany was Catholic, and nearly all of Italy. If the Pope anathemized the arrest of Jews for being Jews, at least some Catholics would listen.
    It is the Pope's DUTY to oppose evil, but he was silent. Even if he speech did nothing, it was still his DUTY to condemn the slaughter. He very likely was in no danger anyway, since Mussolini had to protect him.
  • John Crowley 3y

    Quoting one of rewinn's heroes "how many divisions has the Pope"? - Joe Stalin.

    More is expected of the Catholic Church rewinn? Expected by who - you? LOL !!! As I asked previously - WHAT DID YOU DO???

    The 'power to speak, you say'??? Make a big noise and get punched out or work quietly to save a lot of lives??? Maybe you're distorted enough to go for the big noise, but I'd prefer to see some lives saved. Pius XII was tremendously successful. You, on the other hand, not so much...
  • John Crowley 3y

    R Winn

    I stand corrected, "ignorant" was a poor use of terms. A more technical term is necessary in the context provided by erwinn - invincibly ignorant - would be more accurate. In such a case, erwinn cannot be blamed or held accountable for an profound ignorance he cannot help.
  • R Winn 3y

    Thank you for the personal attack "subtlemd". It demonstrates that you know you are wrong on the facts. I mean, really: Stalin? Please try for some originality!

    As for "expectations": I learned in the seminary that all clergy are expected to show moral courage. Pius did not.

    I ignored your question about what I did in WW2 since I was foolish enough to think it rhetoric; just like you, I was not born then. And of course even if I had been a draft-dodger during WW2, it would not have freed Pius from his duty to publicly oppose the greatest evil of his day.

    Millions of men and women braver than Pius sacrificed their lives to end the evil of Nazism, while he relaxed in splendor. He could have fled to neutral territory if he thought Mussolini would betray him, and from there declare a crusade.

    There are reports that Pius ordered several thousand Italian Jews hidden on church grounds in Italy, and that he ordered the bribing of local Nazis to help a few hundred more. That's about it. The Jews of Germany, Poland, etc got nothing from the Pope's silence ... and after all, he could have issued the orders from exile just as easily as from the comforts of the Vatican.

    Pius was a coward. Those more loyal to the Vatican Hierarchy than the Christ's Church have difficulty accepting that.
  • John Crowley 3y

    R Winn
    Any time, brother. Always love to help disperse the dark cloud of ignorance that surrounds anti-Catholic bigots.
  • R Winn 3y

    You're welcome, brother. As a life-long Catholic, I am commanded BY God Himself to love the truth, even when it distresses the vatican. The sin of scandal is practiced daily by the hierarchy running our church, and Pius' shirking of his duty gave scandal to many.
  • John Crowley 3y

    R Winn

    Ah, getting personal messages from on high are we? A nice dose of Seroquel ought to help that. Oh, but I love the "life long Catholic" thing. That's almost as good as 'one of my best friend is Catholic'....

    Silly goose.
  • R Winn 3y

    Why thank you brother for abusing me for My Lord's sake. It's not as much abuse as the martyrs endured, but then, I'm a lesser person. Anyway, Jesus pretty much commanded us to be truthful - have you not read His Gospels? I appreciate that you who never studied for the priesthood have never felt the need to actually read His words, but I recommend them. They're good for you!
  • martinryan23 3y

    Yeah right, @rewinn, you're a Catholic? I just checked out your Flickr page. Supporting pro-abortion Mr. Obama? Dissing the Cappa Magna as something "gay"? Sorry but YOU ARE NOT A CATHOLIC. You are a HYPOCRITE. Your support of a man who promotes the murder of countless unborn and your disrespect of holy things makes you MORALLY UNFIT to judge ANYONE according to Christ's and the Church's teaching. If you did study for the priesthood then THANK GOD YOU NEVER MADE IT TO ORDINATION. I suggest to the page owner to PLEASE DELETE THE COMMENTS OF THIS PERSON for disrespecting the late Holy Father when he himself supports the enemies of the faith and mocks objects sacred to Catholicism.
  • Harvie Carlos 2y

    Rewinn so what if you studied priesthood? you think you know better? you claim that Pope Pius was a failure? do you think if the Pope condemns Hitler he will stop killing jews? do you think his excommunication will stop Hitler? which will you choose? anathematize Hitler and risk more lives to be killed, or work in silence and save more lives? the Catholic Church helped a lot of Jews not just in vatican but in other places too, Jews where given passports by Bishops and clergy's so that they can escape, Churches and seminaries and convents where made sanctuaries for jews, etc. etc... do you know the story of a catholic bishop who condems hitler in the pulpit? the next day hitler killed catholics.. well, its in the past already, i think we should let our Good Lord do the judging, after all He and He alone has all the Right to Judge Pope Pius XII. God Bless us all.
  • R Winn 2y

    @harvie_carlos09 does not evidence a good understanding of Catholicism. The Cappa Magna is an absurdity and the sort of excess that led too many to leave the Church. Current anti-sexual doctrine is based on pagan notions grafted into our Church, and is not an inherent part of Christ's sacrifice.
    But thank you for asking that my comments be censored; your evident fear of the truth drives you to an excess which I pray will eventually lead you to realize your error.
    As to Pius' choices with respect to Hitler: we shall never know, shall we? For he lacked the COURAGE to face up to Hitler. Millions of common soldiers showed less fear than he did, offering their lives as a sacrifice that was too often accepted. Even many of the common clergy (as you point out) took greater risks in service to the persecuted. Pius XII did NOTHING worthy of canonization. As you suggest, God will Judge ... and I thank you for usurping His place in judging me LOL.
  • John Crowley 2y

    rewinn, you're always good for a laugh !!!
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