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Showdown on the Rock - a build for Eurobricks Factions | by lamborghiniwafflesauce
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Showdown on the Rock - a build for Eurobricks Factions

It is a lawless time.


Following the defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Jakku, former Imperial governor Moff Pyerce struggles to keep hold of his territories. Wishing to bring back the glory days, he rules several star systems with an iron fist. Pyerce's faction invades the distant mining planet of BONADAN on a mission to exploit the planet's precious minerals and puts a blockade around the planet.


The Mandalorian Clan Eldar, breaks through the blockade and split up to secure strategic locations on the surface. In this group, hired assassin JANI PRYCE, descendant of Mandalore of old, fights for those who have been oppressed by the Empire, and the Republic before it. However, on this mission she has other plans...


Word reached her through holo-transmission from the galactic underworld that notorious war criminal AMBUN REFKRA has been hired by Pyerce to lead a legion of his troops. Jani arrives to settle an old score, and collect the bounty on Refrka's head...

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Taken on August 30, 2020