Torrisi Chef's Tasting
After having some decent lunches and a few unenjoyable dinners at the old format of Torrisi, I was pleasantly surprised by dinner under the new regime. In fact, it is one of the most enjoyable meals I've had dining out in NYC, full stop.

Now that you can make reservations (the trouble is snagging one!), the whole experience is much better … no waiting in line from 5pm or earlier only to be rushed through your dinner so they can turn your table as fast as possible.

And, with the recently-opened, all-day-dining Parm serving their casual dishes, they have really been able to focus on elevating their menu, presentation and flavors. The Chef's Tasting is a pure joy, and the service is very good too. While none of the dishes may be world-class on their own, you couldn't get a better historic (and current) tour of New York (gastronomically speaking) in one place than here.

It's also great that they've now broken out beyond Italian-American 'cuisine' and have embraced all kinds of historical New York dishes from many cultures.

If you can get one of these coveted spots, go!
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