The Gift of Life

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    These insulins are what give me the Gift of Life, every day. They help me to live a long and healthy life.

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    1. Serialist 79 months ago | reply

      what a great shot .. i liked the light and shade in it ;)
      i wish you a healthy and happy life :)

    2. .:[ Melissa ]:. 79 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much, GNTL BOYA! :0)

    3. blueskydesert 79 months ago | reply

      For some reason the syringe looks larger than what I use for my son.

      Thanks for sharing your photo with us in the diabetes art group.

    4. .:[ Melissa ]:. 79 months ago | reply

      Thanks, blueskydesert, and you're welcome! :0)

      Yea, it probably is bigger. That's a BD 1cc [100u] syringe. I normally use the Reli-On Brand 0.3cc [30u] short needle syringes, since the most I take at any one time is 15u [NPH]. They were out of those, in the short needles, had the long needles, but I don't like those! All they had was the BD Brand, so I asked if they had a small bag of short needle syringes I could use to "get me by". All they had of those were the 1CC size, so I took them. I wasn't about to spend $28 [I think it is] for a box of 100 of those!! LOL My Reli-On's cost me less than $13 per box of 100!!!

    5. 'John' 79 months ago | reply

      This is an important message and vital photograph, if you would choose to add it to one of my groups, you know the ones, please do.

      Best Wishes John - your comments are vital !

    6. .:[ Melissa ]:. 79 months ago | reply

      Thank you, John! I didn't know if it "fit" in the groups, for sure or not, so I didn't submit it. But I will now! ;0)

    7. Iuri Pohl 78 months ago | reply

      Very nice view, a very good pic. Congrats.

    8. Hues of Heather 78 months ago | reply

      LOL - yeah it's art alright, it's erotic art !!!

      It's great.

      It may not have anything directly to do with organ tx but it using it's title it would honour me if you would add it to:

      ORGAN DONATION - The gift of life !!! . . . your's to give.

    9. .:[ Melissa ]:. 78 months ago | reply

      Amen, Brian!! ;0)

    10. EllenPearce 27 months ago | reply

      Great photo.

      I would love to use it in a non commercial video that I am doing on diabetes. It is to be uploaded to youtube for general information and help for the general public.



    11. .:[ Melissa ]:. 27 months ago | reply

      Feel free to use it, Ellen. Just please credit me and link back to this photo page. A link to the finished video would be quite nice, too!

      Thank you, and good luck with your video!

    12. polyartgirl 24 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing your photo! I used it on my fitness blog (with attribution):

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