• RF cage #1
  • RF cage #2
  • LCD went here
  • Forward-facing camera
  • vibration motor?
  • backup RTC/etc coin cell
  • board-to-board connector for the LCD
  • board to board connector for the missing keypad
  • charging/data connection?
  • manufacture datecode? 38th week of 2007
  • these wires are probably connected to the motor
  • this looks sooo familiar, but i cant remember what they'are for
  • grounding? is that metal?
  • that looks like a miniUSB connector
  • side-actuated buttons
  • another side-actuated button
  • square ferrite core chokes?


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'suspicious cargo item'

its like 'name that ware' :)

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  1. ladyada 42 months ago | reply

    ok like its almost certainly a cheap 'candy bar' cellphone
    its really common for people to connect to the vibrating motor as a '1 bit' cell recevier

  2. tobyjaffey 42 months ago | reply

    homebrew gps trigger perhaps

  3. erazmus 42 months ago | reply

    If the blue/yellow are from the motor connections (the trigger?), where's the battery/power for the device?

  4. erazmus 42 months ago | reply

    Slotted screws. Must be American in origin :)

  5. ladyada 42 months ago | reply

    battery is probably on the back, where most batteries are (think about how one removes a cell phone battery)

  6. erazmus 42 months ago | reply

    I wonder how it was disarmed before taking the picture? Remove the battery? Disconnect the trigger wire? If there was power to the phone, you would probably try to recover info like last number called, etc? I wonder how many people are going to think that the release of this picture was a mistake because it shows how easy it is to make a triggering device (I personally think it's important to release this sort of info - I'm shocked that it actually was)

  7. ladyada 42 months ago | reply

    if it was in a plane that means it was in a faraday cage - so its not one of the type that triggers when reception is lost. perhaps they threw it into a more-portable faraday cage. :)

    using a cell phone's vibrating motor as a trigger is extremely well known www.google.com/search?q=cell+phone+vibration+motor+trigger

  8. joshmyer 42 months ago | reply

    Something I've been staring at: where's the headset jack? Lower-end phones sometimes leave those out, which narrows down the space of possibilities. Also, the b2b connector at the bottom is absolutely huge for a standard numberpad. This thing must have had a full keyboard, which again narrows down the possibilities. The upper right is a camera, there'd be some sort of glint from an antenna connector, either from the center pin or the sheath connector.

  9. ladyada 42 months ago | reply

    the headset jack might be the black plastic thing at the very bottom.
    perhaps the numberpad connector also had the microphone and speaker/headset since we don't see them here? i dont think 20odd contacts is -that- much :) it thought the camera could also be a speaker but everyone agrees its a camera

  10. meekrat 42 months ago | reply

    If the wires are jacked off the vibrating motor and it's going from Yemen to the UK then it is more than likely a detonator for explosives.

  11. ĐS†Λ 42 months ago | reply

    it is a Lemon Duo 321 or the Nokia 6120c cell phone

  12. kikuyumoja 42 months ago | reply

    Yes, it's the 6120 and apparently they had also set an alarm as a double backup to trigger the action.

    Now, about those screws and the plastic used - don't these guys have any pride? Or access to better materials?

  13. drug123 42 months ago | reply

    OMG, pride for what, mounting inside of infernal machine??? :))))

  14. jimmonahan 41 months ago | reply

    ladyada, that cluster of gold pads in t1larg.cargo.update2 is most likely used with a test jig to QA the phone on the way out of the factory, or to troubleshoot it at a service depot.

  15. cyphunk 40 months ago | reply

    i guess you dont have access to the phone itself but if anyone does ill shamelessly plug jtagenum and rs232enum + an ardiuno to figure out which, if any, of the pads are for jtag or serial. deadhacker.com/tools if you actually want to try it

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