365 Days, Day 121

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    Take Three. Took the 4 year old to the park today and grabbed just the film cameras (though of course I always have the A620 in my purse). I wanted to finish up the Tri-X in the Seagull, and put a healthy dent in the cheap color roll in the Baldini folder. I was using the AE-1P for its meter, but I'll shoot with it again soon (and I'll pay more attention to the loading when I do!). Another day of shooting, and I should be able to finish off the roll in the Baldini. Can't wait to see how it and the Tri-X turn out!

    Random 365 observation: I wore that same shirt a week ago, though that isn't the same brown shirt I wore with that jacket for Day 106. Man my wardrobe is pretty boring.

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    1. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      lol you should see when I grab the 30D and all that, too. I could also add the Elan II film camera and the Sigma SD-10 DSLR on top of everything, but I already look pretty over-kill as it is ;)

      Thanks for the fave, man!

    2. Ceece56 71 months ago | reply

      oooooh look at all your awesome toys!

    3. Nigel No 4 71 months ago | reply

      Now THAT'S why I got myself pocket camera.........

    4. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      lol thanks guys.

      And Jamie: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    5. John Adkins II 71 months ago | reply

      Great shot! You must have one heck of a strong back! =)

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    6. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      lol none of those cameras is as heavy or bulky as my 30D with a lens and speedlight on, much less two 30D's with lens and speedlight at the same time, and I've done that twice now, most recently yesterday, actually. My neck isn't nearly as sore today as I was fearing it would be, though I wouldn't mind grabbing an Advil here soon ;)

    7. hallie_noir 71 months ago | reply

      Where are you going to get your Tri-X processed? The word on the streets over here is that none of the local photo places process black and white film anymore. Murphy's doesn't, I know, and if there is a place locally that still does, I'd be interested to know.

    8. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      No, alas, no more in-town B/W that I know of. Murphy's does send theirs out to someplace, though, I thought? I thought they just stopped doing it in-house.

      Either way, there's a lab in Atlanta I was going to send it to. It came highly recommended, though at some point, I'm kinda interested in trying out some developing myself, maybe diafine.

      Link to the lab site: www.e-sixlab.com/ They also scan, do cross processing, and push or pull.

    9. hallie_noir 71 months ago | reply

      Nope, Murphy's doesn't even send theirs out anymore- the place where they used to send it doesn't process bw anymore. It's actually pretty easy to develop film yourself. You have to load the film onto the reel that goes into the processing tank in the complete dark, but once it's in there, the rest can be done in daylight. All you need is water for mixing chemicals, jugs, chemistry and a thermometer. I have all that stuff in storage and might dig it out one of these days.

    10. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      Oh that sucks about Murphy's. Not sure I have the time or money to invest in doing it myself right now, but between the encouragement of you, my Evil Photography Twin, and Deac0nB1ues, I'm sure I'll venture into it at some point!!

      And yes, you should dig that stuff out one of these days!!

    11. Jamie Powell Sheppard 71 months ago | reply

      Bring it over to my place and we'll process it. I need to make a dent in my backlog--it'll be good incentive.

    12. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      Ok, but we'll have to trade something so I'm not using your chemistry for free. Either I'll reimburse you or give you some dance lessons or something ;)

    13. steve_thorley 71 months ago | reply

      a lovely haul of cameras -- that Balda is cute

    14. lady_elsinore 71 months ago | reply

      Thank you! It works pretty well for such a 60 year old camera that probably hasn't even been used in the past 30. I'm working on scanning pictures from my first roll through it.

    15. Little Miss Kimmyshine 71 months ago | reply

      I love film, I've been thinking of grabbing some of my old film cameras and playing around.

    16. fulvue 70 months ago | reply

      Scarily, there is always someone out there in the parallel universe.....

      Chose to shoot this one indoors, multi-cameras outdoors are probably frowned upon here in Switzerland!

      Any produce from your Balda?


    17. lady_elsinore 70 months ago | reply

      OMG how funny! Unfortunately I haven't scanned in anything else, because I'm working on getting different scanner software going. The stuff I have is ok, but not great. However, I'm currently shooting a roll of b/w film through it, so sometime soon I should have something new to add!

    18. fulvue 70 months ago | reply

      Cheers :-]

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