"Ufology" paintings
"UFOLOGY": new paintings about the "Bigger Picture"
by M Murphy 2008

Murphy received her BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2004. Since graduation she has been working as a professional photographer at the NASA Glenn Research Center.
In her experience at NASA, Murphy has documented current Space Exploration research and hardware (including lunar rovers, solar arrays, astronauts, etc.). It is in these encounters that Murphy has been inspired to create a new body of work.

Murphy creates a new body of work to understand the view of Space by the general Internet-savvy public. Scientists and Conspiracy Theorists flood the web with html text, and digital proof of their current research (or in the case of a "believer" their own personal "documentation" of extraterrestrial visits). Murphy's paintings capture the sublime images of the "Bigger Picture".

This work will be on view for "believers" and "skeptics" alike.
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