Dublin Offlines: Speaking out against the cult of Scientology (2012)
Ex-members of the cult of Scientology speak out against its fraud and abuse at a Dublin conference.

Special guests at the conference will include:

Tory Christman (ex-Sea Org)
Samantha Domingo (ex-Sea Org)
John Duignan (author of "The Complex", ex-Sea Org)
Stephen Jones (ex-Sea Org)
Sharone Stainforth (ex-Sea Org)
Gerry Armstrong (ex-Sea Org, former personal secretary to L. Ron Hubbard)
Jamie DeWolf (great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard)
Pete Griffiths (ex-Mission executive director)
David Love (ex-Narconon staff)
Gabrielle Wynne (ex-mission staff)
John McGhee (ex-Scientologist public)
Anne Robinson (disconnected sister of Tony Phelan)
Dr Martin Poulter (Doctor of Philosophy, University of Bristol)
Professor Gabriella Coleman (Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University)

Press pack: anonireland.com/transfers/templates/PressPackV0.1.pdf


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