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    So, we made print. That's cool.

    Read the text at the SMH site or check out the print article in either Large or Original (bloody large).

    I got an email from Nick Galvin of the SMH, asking if I'd be interested in answering some quick questions about what's hot on the web for a feature in Icon. I did and here it is. Huge thanks must go to the legendary Seng Mah for yet again allowing me to use his photo of me from last August as my publicly respectable face.

    What I find most interesting is comparing my answers with those of Cheryl, Virginia, John, and Tim.

    Used for an actual live blog post: Internet Gurus.

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    1. Rowen Atkinson Photography 116 months ago | reply

      wow, which browser did they screenshot for the artwork ;)

    2. Rowen Atkinson Photography 116 months ago | reply

      Just claim it was in protest at them pulling SMS from Australia

    3. imacri 116 months ago | reply

      Awesome. Well done guys.

    4. PassengerFiftySeven 116 months ago | reply

      Nice work all. It was interesting how you all had very similar takes on what's cool and new.

    5. toolmantim 116 months ago | reply

      woo cool... forgot it was running today. Nice one Lach!

      twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter :)

    6. wadem 116 months ago | reply

      Awesome work getting into print all of you :) You are now officially t3h edge of the interwebs :)

    7. Virginia Murdoch 116 months ago | reply

      I didn't mention Twitter, cos I knew everybody else would. :)

    8. mkoukoullis 116 months ago | reply

      Nice work man!

    9. teamaskins 116 months ago | reply

      Congrats to all of you. Nice work!

    10. delicategenius 116 months ago | reply

      Congrats guys. Isn't it interesting how it feels so good to see your name in paper, still has that sense of importance if you ask me.

    11. Dylanfm 116 months ago | reply

      Good on ya web gurus!

    12. jameshill 116 months ago | reply

      ha, awesomeness!

    13. amanda herrod 116 months ago | reply

      I feel very proud oh Brother- In-Law...super cool one!

    14. LisaHerrod 116 months ago | reply

      and the best bit is you actually know what you're talking about :) I'm a proud wife today :)

    15. mokolabs 116 months ago | reply

      Nice job, guys! Love the IE Mac icons. :)

    16. darkmatter [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

      Congratulations! I'm a tumblr fan but I didn't realize it other people were excited about it (given all the other more full-featured blogging tools out there). I'm looking forward to seeing where fire eagle goes. Twitter I don't get at all ;-)

    17. sengsta 116 months ago | reply

      Nice one Lach! (And the pic is good too if I do say so myself!). :-) BTW - thanks for the link back. I wondered why there was a sudden spike in views of your soft DOF portrait! :-)

    18. Lachlan Hardy 116 months ago | reply

      Thanks, everyone! I hadn't thought this would be quite such a big deal. Glad I did it, now!

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