An Artist on An Animal Farm 2015
Love is an act of imagination. Without both love and imagination, making a life from a farm would be very bleak. Tending to animals, plants and making food are all pleasant to imagine. The actual work involved, however, can be depleting-- especially with the weekly deadline of farmers markets. Love for this work has to be cultivated by envisioning how infinite daily tasks come together to create harmony.

Bunny is a totem, a symbol cultivated in a personal mythology. She is a creative creature in constant motion. She also has the ability to sift thousands of mundane moments for a truth and beauty that often startle her. In these moments she is struck by the harmony of her life. These paintings are only a few of the many epiphanies Bunny has had.

Lots of people in aprons and work boots make Smith Meadows possible. To list, much less paint, all of their endeavors would require more time than anyone on a farm has to spare. You will not find the gritty parts of farm work in this room. Although the imagined life of this character is derived from my own experiences, my hope is that anyone can identify with these moments of imagination.

This is the work of an artist on an animal farm.
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