365 days of self portraits
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These are the daily shots of me or part of me for 365 days, the pool of people who stick their faces or any other bodypart into the lens of a camera everyday.

July 22nd
The only restriction I've given myself so far is that the photos will all be square. I suspect there will be series along themes. We'll see.

August 21st
A month has passed already. I can hardly believe it. I can recommend doing this to anyone who wants to stimulate their creativity. A warning is at place: it is very addictive, for so many people come and give comments or start discussions. I need more discipline to not check this ten times a day. (Bad ego, shush!)

September 21st
And another month. Sometimes I want to stop, because it takes so much time. Because it makes me look at the world as if I were in the centre of it. Then again, the world is in me too, since the whole is in every part.
Anyway, although it is difficult sometimes, I sign up for another month now (which is easy to do as half of that month I will not be able to shoot or post...)

November 2nd
Today I took the 90th photo and it is my 103rd day. Amazing! I still like doing this although the shape is changing all the time. I'm allowing myself more ordinary shots from my daily life. Can't have good ideas everyday.
After my meditation period I have slowed down a little, which helps not to be too addicted. Also I don't answer every single comment personally anymore. I find it hard because it seems rude but I just can't.
365 days, the pool of people who stick their faces into the lens of a camera everyday.

December 12th
I would like to stop. This is such a waste of time. Or is it?

Februari 2nd
I'm still doing this and in between simple shots I even find the time and joy to do some more fancy stuff. I like it best when the shots are funny or at least interesting, but I can't do it everyday and you know what: it's ok! (I'm quite proud about that, since I usually want it all to be 100% cool witty clever beautiful etc.)
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