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Matthews Island / Richards Landing / Ontario


Olympus OM-1 / Zuiko 50mm f3.5 Macro / Kodak Ektar 100


Sorry for not being around lately, but I am back with new things! There is a patch of trees on Matthews Island that start to yellow in dry weather, and it is almost like a perpetual piece of Autumn. I found these pine needles there recently, and they have become one of my favorite things.

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  1. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thank you, Ami! Really appreciate that :-)
    Thank you so much, Chris!
    Thank you :-) So glad you like it!
    Thank you! I have been trying to look for more unique colors lately.

  2. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much :-)
    Thanks! I guess Ektar shot normally isn't too bad :-)
    Thanks, Rob!!!

  3. yasu19_67 31 months ago | reply

    It is very beautiful bokeh! (^^)

  4. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much!!!

  5. shortblondeguy 31 months ago | reply

    It's like a PAINTING!
    Great work! :)

  6. <Pirate> 31 months ago | reply

    nice colors....ektar100 always my fav film

  7. SCMatthews2009 31 months ago | reply

    Yup -- this one is really great -- a burst of form and color - wonderful!

  8. the leaving song 31 months ago | reply

    i love those different colors -- blue, turquoise, yellow, green. they go so well together.

  9. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thank you!
    It is a good film :-) Thanks, my friend! Always appreciate your visits!
    Thank you! I will have to see how these needles look now after all this wind!
    Thanks very much! I have been exploring the idea of color palettes lately. Check out my first attempts here if you want: Color Archive.

  10. the leaving song 31 months ago | reply

    ooh i see. interesting! when i was younger i kind of created "color palettes" with my differently colored markers too. :D

  11. Genki David 31 months ago | reply

    Yes, very abstract! Good work!

  12. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    I love color so much :-)
    Thank you! And they are pines for you, dear David :-)

  13. sexyinred 31 months ago | reply

    beautiful burst of colors and bokeh!
    job well done jesse :)

  14. ıusnɾ@w|©kedf|lm 31 months ago | reply

    You have consistently making images boom like this one. Love the explosion and how well you have seen this one coming from your shutter click, Jesse!

  15. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much, Lina :-)
    Thanks very much, Jusni! I do seem to like that exploding form, don't I? :-) Glad it has energy for you, too!

  16. Cole Chase Photography 31 months ago | reply

    Very beautiful work, Jesse! The way you see and capture details in nature is always so impressive to me! This is another of your works that I think would look beautiful on a wall as artwork. I just love the colors and the focus and want to keep looking at it!

  17. nighstar 31 months ago | reply

    .....this photo is orgasmically bokehlicious.
    it's so awesome it's horrible. ;(

  18. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thank you so much! I was amazed by the soft colors here. In person, they seemed a little more bright, but I am glad they are not in the photo :-) I really appreciate your kind words always!
    HAHA! I do not think anything "orgasmic" can be too horrible :-D

  19. Sequoia! 31 months ago | reply

    lovely little burst of color!

  20. La Branĉaro 31 months ago | reply

    Thanks, James! Have another one from a blue-sky day that is so totally different.

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