Blue Celestite

This is one of the most healing of crystals. I have mine sitting in sea salt, drawing negativity from the atmosphere.


My Olympus OM-1 w/ 50mm Zuiko lens + a 2x magnifying glass = Magnifying glass macro.


I hand held the magnifying glass in front of the camera lens and used it to increase the range of the 50mm lens. The magnifying glass I bought was a plastic one, so I don't know if some of the distortions were because of that (like in a Holga which has a plastic lens).


I used Kodak Porta 400 vc film.

  • Douglas E Pope 5y

    I think I could use some of this.

    Love the blues here. :)
  • Jesse Ray 5y

    Thanks! I love crystals, and go to crystals shops when I travel. I think this one came from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • jeff schultz 5y

    COOL i hear you i love anything that the earth made im a gemstone FOOL!!!
  • Jesse Ray 5y

    Thanks! Crystals make great friends.
  • jeff schultz 5y

    i just put a black tourmaline on my desk at work to catch the negative energy of the jerk that right next to me!!! LOL
  • Jesse Ray 5y

    Yes, some people do need to be overcome by the spirits of the earth!!!
  • jeff schultz 5y

    I cant leave my house with out some kind of gems in my pockets there just so amazing to me and beautiful to look at when i get bummed out or something i just take the gems out and wave um around in the sun and i feel like new again!!!:-)
  • Bridget Flanagan 5y

    o.O really....
  • Joshua Wallace 4y

    Really nice shot. I love the colour as well as the setup.
  • Jesse Ray 4y

    Thanks! It's such a great, icy blue in person.
  • fauvists 4y

    this looks like its the shape of texas! hahahaha
  • Jesse Ray 4y

    fauvists Haha...a Cubist 3-D Texas! :-)
  • (*◡*) 3y

    wow ! ! !I've never seen this ! ! Again ^-^) ! it's fantastic, Jesse ! the blue is amazingly beautiful !
  • Jesse Ray 3y

    (*◡*) Hehehe, did you find this on Tumblr? It has been around and around Tumblr for years. Thank you, Julia!
  • the girl who rattled the stars ▲ 2y

    This is lovely! I love crystals as well! Most people simply like them for their beauty but i have a deeper connection to them ~
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