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Viddler Plugin for Joomla!

I created a mambot for Joomla! users that will allow you to insert the embed code of Viddler into your Joomla! content. It does not matter which editor you use, the mambot code makes it easy to insert Viddler videos.There are two mambots, one for the general Viddler flash player and the other for the simple Viddler flash player. The editor-xtd mambot allows you to insert the Viddler code into your content without having to remember the code itself.


{viddler labanex|109|a8fca855} will embed this video using the general player:

Video 109 of labanex videos


{simpleviddler labanex|45|effacbff} will embed this video using the simple player:

Video 45 of labanex videos


Using the above example:

- labanex is my username

- 45 is the video number which is the number in the URL

- effacbff is the embed code, by clicking on EMBED, you can get the code that way


Download Plugin Here


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Uploaded on April 16, 2008