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things are lookin' up Wally

Potty training the dachshund during one of the biggest rain storms of the century: success!! :) Hallelujah!

We're feeling more confident about Wally and our hard work is paying off. He's a smart boy and we're even teaching him the command "leave it". Because they're hunters, you can teach them to "leave it" when you don't want them to hunt certain my cat. It could be that Mimi needs to teach him a lesson and swat him in the nose the way she did with Spot. The good thing is that Wally is smart and learns quick. Spot already let him know what his limits are and Wally understood that too.

We got him his crate yesterday and set it up...put in his brown blanket he's been using and I've been hiding little treats in there. He had no interest in it yesterday, but did sleep near it. Tonight, he went in and took a little nap. I'm not rushing him into it... but looking forward to the day when he'll go in and I can close the door :)


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Taken on October 26, 2010