• First time wiring something serious!

    Took me roughly 4-5hours O_O
  • The screw for the bulb fixture was too small So I needed to put Washers to make them bigger and hold my wires properly
  • Finished my electric wiring about 3AM again(2nd day)

    First time plugged! no problems at all! I took my time wiring
  • This is were I was wrong, I should have painted it before everything. But I was really planning to make it wood finish, but changed my mind after.

    I took a gatorade Bottle and cut it so I can cover the bulb fixtures while spray painting!
  • Mounting the 2nd Outer circle. This will cover the wires so It's safe. Don't want the models or me to be electrocuted while shooting
  • Installed an On and Off Switch cause..... It's cooler that way! LOl
  • Done DEAL!
  • Home Sweet Home Inside my Studio!

Day 352 | Diy Ring Light P.2

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4 Feet Diy Ring Light!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I was busy for two days building this, so I just shot with my iPhone. I was going to upload yesterday but no net, so oh well. :)

It actually took me 2 1/2 days ( 1/2 day just for aesthetic)

There were times I was getting really frustrated with loose threads in screws and stupid wiring! I think this is my hardest Diy Project so far.

Things I learned from this project.

1: Loose threads is a bitch!
2: Always buy extras
3: Paint first! (did mine last)
4. Buy extra electric cable
5. Picking up screws is a bitch!
6. Exact Measurement if your best friend
7. Always double check everything
8. Trying to fit a 4x4 wood in a small car is Hard!

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  1. RV Sun 38 months ago | reply

    Nice work, Laya. Would love to see this ring used in your future shots. What kind of bulbs & watts of bulbs are you using?

  2. ToTheRoofPhotography 38 months ago | reply

    I love your diy stuff. I've made several small ringlites in the past based on your techniques:] Thanks for sharing another awesome idea!

  3. rick stephens 38 months ago | reply

    damn...that's 1 big ring. should give off some nice light. how are you gonna dim it when you don't need full brightness? better throw a rheostat in there to dim it.

  4. jumbz 38 months ago | reply

    an old carpenter's adage: "measure twice, cut once" how the hell are you gonna diffuse a 4 foot ring?

  5. khudfly 38 months ago | reply

    I would highly suggest using ring terminals on the wire ends that are attached to the screws on the light sockets. Easy to crimp on with a cheap pair of electrical pliers purchased at most hardware stores. Safety first!

  6. Trackpictures 28 months ago | reply


    What bulbs did you use in the ring?

  7. bewithabob 28 months ago | reply

    innovation at its best. thank you for sharing.

  8. BrianBallPhotography 4 months ago | reply

    I would love to know what bulbs to use ?

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