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Day 68: Jigsaw | by L S G
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Day 68: Jigsaw

I have like a Portrait wall (4x6 pictures) inside my home studio of all the people I have photographed, but there is a window in the top, so I am working on a project to seal that window to make my wall bigger, which explains the power tools and scrap wood in this shot. Still need to continue with this project tomorrow. I have built 3 DIY shelves and 1 DIY frame for the mirror in my home studio. And I’m still planning to make a cool Jigsaw puzzle shelf in the near future.


“The Benign Tumor, Part 3” (or maybe part 4)

So, got a 2nd Opinion. I liked this Doctor better than the first one, event though I needed to pay for consult because it wasn’t covered by the health insurance. But he told me that the clicking sound was really a normal thing, and if it doesn’t hurt, then it’s fine. And he thinks that the Mass is just Muscle, which I agree, because I squeeze my upper and lower molar together, so I kinda exercise my muscle in my jaw that’s why it became bigger, and the left one is bigger because I ALWAYS Chew on my left side. :) but he said that if I want, cause he was just 97% sure that it was muscle.. I can get a CT scan just to be sure what it is, cause it’s the only way to know what the mass is.. So I still don’t know if I will get a CT scan.. but if it’s Digital, then F*** it! Hahaha.. I want those large format X-ray films for my 365!


Question for the day: What did you have for Dinner? :) (even if it is yesterday’s dinner) Just curious.. :p


I had some chicken and rice from kennyrogersroasters


In the middle of the shoot I realized I was shooting at ISO 800 ( I always shoot at ISO 200 when using strobist) but I was lazy to change it and to adjust all the strobes..


Strobist info: Cross lighting + 1 colored BG

Sb-600 subject right, a little to the front, shoot thru umbrella with half cto gel @ 1/2

Studio strobe subject left, a little to the back, Bare @ 1/4

Sb-24 with full cto gel subject back pointing at BG @ 1/4

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Taken on March 19, 2010