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Day 64: Benign Tumor | by L S G
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Day 64: Benign Tumor

Benign Tumor!


So.. where do I begin… First, my jaw has been acting weird past 1-2 months now, it kinda clicks when I open my mouth. But it didn’t hurt or anything so I didn’t really pay attention to it. Until I saw a couple of days ago one of my flickr contacts, that he was feeling down because of his illness, and it really got me thinking about my own health. So, I went to the doctor today then had my jaw checked up. And to my Surprise! The problem wasn’t the clicking, the problem was there was a Mass in my jaw, which was a Benign Tumor, that’s why when I open my mouth there was some weird clicking..


So yeah, Benign tumor! O_o Never had one of those before.. The doctor said that it wasn’t anything serious, but she also didn’t explain what it was, well maybe she did, but she was talking really fast and she was really jolly so I didn’t understand what she was saying.. All I know is that I need to get an X-ray tomorrow. And I saw in one of the forms that has something to do with surgery blabla “TMJ Reduction?” Any doctors in the house? But it’s kinda interesting having a benign tumor popping out of nowhere, but I think it has something to do with me grinding my teeth or something. So we will know in about a week what will happen.. But it's really nice that a person half way around the world thru flickr, helped me in getting myself checked up..


Question for the day: What is the One thing you want to do? Or want to buy right this instance?


So, the shot for the day is just a normal dead center portrait, can you see it? Can you see the mass? If you look closely you could see that my right jaw (which is me left jaw) is a little bit bigger than the other one..


Strobist info: Clamshell lighting + rim lights + colored BG


Sb-600 shoot thru softbox above camera pointing down @ 1/16(+0.7)


Reflector below camera pointing up


2 studio strobes back of subject bare @ 1/16 ( used DIY flags near the reflector cause without it, I will get some lens flare, which is Cool, but I didn’t want it in this shot)


Sb-24 @ 1/1 bare back of subject pointing at black BG with Blue Gel

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Taken on March 15, 2010