Mos Eisley Cantina
“No droids allowed”
A few years ago I came with the idea to expand my 4501 Mos Eisley Cantina set with extra booths. These were to house my space minifig collection or at least the figs that I still had. With the arrival of the Collectible Minifigures I reset my goal to include these as well.
Over the years I picked up some more minifigs in bricklink-orders I missed as a kid so it became to represent a modest collection for real.
With the pieces bought for the expansion the MOC could house 44 minifigs. The idea was to copy the booth and simply add another via a hinge brick to the side.
Then the news leaked that a new cantina set would be released. After my first 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina set I came to the conclusion that adding booths by hinge brick just would not work for me anymore.
So the whole idea was rethought and with searches on the internet I found a map of the Cantina on Wookieepedia. After several tries and many redesigns I got the layout as I wanted it. The MOC is now based on two sets 75052.
I tried to keep the colourscheme as close as possible to the first Cantina-set. Some fixtures and detalling comes from the Wii Complete Saga game and some just from my own imagination. To top it of I decided it needed some extra’s, so the revolving sign was made. For the Star Tours sign I made the Starspeeder 3000 based on the original design by Chris Deck and the other side is of course a take on a wellknown poster. And what would a Mos Eisley Cantina be without a “No Droids Allowed” sign.
Since the hinge bricks didn’t cut it for me anymore and the MOC would become too big I just went for technic-pins to make it more managable. It now seperates into five parts. The back, the front, two sides and the bar.
The MOC spans 50 studs by 79 studs and beyond that several vehicles and minifigs were added for a more grand appearence. This including part of my very first LEGO set (920 Rocket Launch Pad): a moonbuggy with driver and the new Exo-Suit. Also several other MOC scan be included to create a more grand display for conventions and shows for instance. To date: Imperial Communication Post, Outhouse, Droid-shop and the Taxi-speeder.
The idea of displaying the Collectible Minifigures disappeared in favour of adding at least one minifig of every space theme ever released, still including the Collectable Minifigures range. This then expanded a bit to space related themes as I could just imagine my Exo-suit standing right next tot his. The search on bricklink and brickowl for minifigs then showed me some minifigs never relaesed in Europe and I just had to have them as well. To complete the Cantina four custom minifigs are added: Wuher, Tork and two guest appearances.
The complete minifig line-up now counts 84 minifigs including the Alien Conquest Clinger and can be found here: Mos Eisley Minifig Count
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