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LIGHTS (Explored) | Central Florida Fairgrounds


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***My review of LIGHTS' performance for a contest:

I attended Warped Tour 2009 in Orlando, Florida, at the Central Florida Fairgrounds. This was my first time seeing LIGHTS as a live performance and let me tell you… IT WAS DEFINITELY THE BEST SET I’VE EVER SEEN! She topped all of the other bands at the venue with her bubbly personality and catchy songs. When she was up on stage, she was so friendly to the crowd and seemed very comfortable. The crowd participated in singing her songs at the top of their lungs and stirred up cheers of joy when she ended each song. I love how she mentioned what has been going on during her journey on Warped Tour because it gives us, her listeners, a better insight into her life. My boyfriend’s friend, Andrew, yelled, “I love you LIGHTS,” and she responded by laughing and saying, “Aw, I love you too!” He was extremely excited when she replied back because he really likes her and enjoys her music. This experience gave him a sense of connection with her and I believe that every fan wants that with such a great musician. LIGHTS played a new song called “Second Go” that will be on her full length album and it is such a fantastic song! Her music in general is fun to sing along to and dance to. Her stage presence and performance will forever be instilled in my mind and I really hope that she comes back to Orlando, Florida, to once again sing her captivating songs.



First off, Warped Tour 2009 was amazing!


I'll write about all the details in a little bit, I have to finish picking out my favorite shots from the 400+ pictures I took.


Okay, so when I finally got in the doors with Madie, Timmy, J. Alan, and Andrew, we all were trying to figure out who was playing at what time and at what stage. There was word on Twitter that if you went to a VANS tent, you could win some free sunglasses for saying "Scotty G." Turns out they ran out of sunglasses and gave us a deck of cards instead. Some guy gave us some more free stuff by throwing it at us. Since we didn't catch these items, he proceeded to say, "You Florida kids suck!"


We quickly headed to the different stages to check out different bands. Breathe Carolina was playing while we walked by the SmartPunk stage and we gave them a quick listen before watching Millionaires. Let me tell you, don't waste your time listening to these girls sing. The beats to their music may be catchy but every other word was a curse word or they continued to sing about getting laid. It was actually quite funny when people started booing them because they wanted A Skylit Drive to play. Some person even threw a bottle at one of the girls on stage. Although A Skylit Drive's singer sounds like a girl, their performance was really good.


I think after we saw them, we all wanted to get out of the sun and into some shade. After chilling there for a while, Timmy and I went to see VersaEmerge. Sierra Kusterbeck sounded really good live. I couldn't stand the heat so we left the set early and went back to find the rest of our group.


Time passed by and we watched some other bands that I can't remember at the moment. Oh yeah, we watched Attack Attack. They sounded pretty good. The mosh pit they had kept getting bigger and bigger... Underoath had a great set, too. They sounded like their CD.


Then it was time to go see LIGHTS! We were all really stoked to see her play. This girl puts on a great live performance and has an amazing voice. After her first song, Andrew screams out, "I love you LIGHTS!" and she responded by laughing and then saying, "Aw, I love you too!" I took over 300 pictures during her set and then Timmy sent me over to get a good spot in line in order to meet LIGHTS. I think we were third in line and the people in front of us didn't really talk to her so the line moved fast. When we finished getting our autographs and pictures with her, we chatted with her for about five or ten minutes. Timmy told her about his paper that he did on her song, Jess and Jonny, and how it was his favorite. She was like, "Dude, that's awesome! You totally killed it!" He also mentioned how I dressed like her and she gave me a high five and said, "Haha, that's rad!" Then Andrew came running over since he went to go watch The Devil Wears Prada and quickly met LIGHTS. Timmy told her that he was the one who said I love you in the crowd. Also, Timmy told her he was going to bring her beef jerky but she never tweeted him back so he didn't know what her favorite kind was. It was so much fun talking to her because she is such a sweet girl. All of us were satisfied and felt like our lives were complete since we met her. Timmy was especially happy because he has a huge crush on her, haha.


After that, we went to go watch the rest of The Devil Wears Prada's set. They were extremely good live, as usual. During the earlier part of the day, they judged people playing Rock Band. It was crazy watching all of these little kids play and rock out. The winners were eventually announced and then TDWP played themselves. It was hilarious watching them jump around and act all crazy. They also had a signing later on in the day so we made sure we did that.


Getting some shade seemed to be a continuous thing to do since it was extremely hot outside. While we were sitting down, I heard Settings. They were really good and their new EP is amazing!


Once Timmy, Andrew and J. Alan left, i hung out with Madie. We watched 3OH!3 for a little bit but quickly left since there were so many people. We went to go see Petie and his band play their set instead. This was their first time playing Warped Tour as Amely. They always sound awesome. It was so funny to hear the girls in the crowd scream, "I love you Petie!" or "Will you marry me?" or "I want to have your kids!" That last one was a little strange and Petie was like, "Uh, I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that."


Finally, A Day to Remember played last and they were quite amazing. Mike from TDWP played with them for one song half way through their set. So many people were moshing and hardcore dancing. It was funny watching this little girl next to me dance, she was throwing punches in the air and kicking all over the place. Anyways, they also announced that they were going to be on the cover of the latest issue of Alternative Press, which Gage Young shot. Madie spotted him on the side of the stage taking pictures and we flipped out. He is such an awesome photographer. We wished we could have met him and taken a picture with him but hopefully that will happen sometime in the near future since he does live in the same town as us.


All in all, it was such an awesome day and I had a blast hanging out with my boyfriend and friends. I'm so glad that i didn't get sunburnt and that it didn't rain at all. The heat and sweat was the only downfall but I still had a great time.


Sorry for the continuous rambling but I felt like talking about every little detail that I could remember for my own sake. I like to look back on what I did and who I saw while I was at Warped Tour.

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