The Chicago Riots

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Last night, a mob of angry protesters stormed a Euroean Union safehouse in uptown Chicago.

There was only a small squad of EU soldiers defending the safehouse, but the US Miltary and Chicago Police Department were quick to arrive on the scene and disband the riots. Unfortunately for the European Union squad inside the safehouse, angry protesters climbed the fence and attacked them.

14 have been arrested after climbing the fence and breaching the safehouse. Authorities are looking into the issue and are trying to determine who was the cause of this riot. They think that the EU's presence in Chicago helped to escalate the high tension that the American citizens have on the European forces.

No leads have been found into who was behind the car bombing. Authorities suspect it may be DARKWATER trying to take advantage of the turmoil.

Eight civilians were injured and one EU soldier was put in the hospital during the attack. Tragically, a US Soldier was caught in the blast. Staff Sergeant Jonathan Roberts was caught in the blast and was killed. He was 31. The EU soldier is in critical condition, but is stable.


Redo #2 of this scene.

Big shoutouts to Eric and Jake. Eric edited this pic for me and Jake gave me some CC. Thanks guy!

See more on MOCpages.

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  1. Nightmarevalkyrie 31 months ago | reply

    The figures aren't really accurate, I don't recall clones in the Chicago riots

  2. « ℱritz » 31 months ago | reply

    Beautiful scene, Kyle! Impressive amount of detail, and that explosion is so shmexy. ;)

  3. DanTheBioMOCer 31 months ago | reply

    I really like this, so many details.

  4. ✠Andreas 31 months ago | reply

    The best part about this is still the window with light behind it. I wish there were more of that. :P

  5. Kyle Peckham 31 months ago | reply

    I don't even know what you are talking about.....

    This is build for a group here on Flickr about different factions around the time of WW3. It has nothing to do with the original Chicago Riots.

  6. ✠Andreas 31 months ago | reply

    Not gonna lie, I missed that comment.


  7. Kyle Peckham 31 months ago | reply

    ErmAHgerD ThER s0 eRsum!1!1!!111

  8. ✠Andreas 31 months ago | reply

    You see, that´s why you shall order Brickforge to make fully armored Shock Troops, keeps idiots / noobs / possibly MOCpages noobs (?) who don´t know about The Purge (... ...) from thinking of Clones.

  9. Kyle Peckham 31 months ago | reply

    I'm going to make one soon. My birthday is in less than 2 weeks, and some of the money from that is going toward a BF order.

  10. LB.12 [deleted] 31 months ago | reply

    Great work, upload more pics here as well.

  11. elicrazyboy 31 months ago | reply

    Dude this rocks!!!!!

  12. -Holysmokes- 31 months ago | reply

    Very nice scene! If I could make a suggestion it would to be to focus more light on the fire, for more realism. But regardless this is a great job! :)

  13. The Timinater 31 months ago | reply

    great lighting!

  14. BrickAttack➳ 31 months ago | reply

    Amazing work dude. Really love it. Thanks for the shutout too!

  15. Paul ♤ 31 months ago | reply

    Hmmm abit crammed up, but the building on the sidelooks amazing, I wish we'd see it more

  16. Kyle Peckham 31 months ago | reply

    If you read the description, more pictures are on the MocPages link. Look at those.

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