Until We Meet Again

I'll start off this description with a poll. I need your input, and if possible, why.




Shame on me for doing so, but I've been shooting JPG all my life. Occasionally I'll switch it to RAW and take a snap or two, but it's never anything huge. I thought I would be really awesome, and start to act like a true photographer today, and switch it to RAW for my entire photo-walk of Sydney. Great idea, right? Wrong!


And because it's a bad idea, you won't be seeing any of those intense sunset photos of the harbour for quite some time. Apparently Adobe has yet to release the update for CS3 to work with the 7D (Camera RAW). They've got CS4, which is nice, but that just means I shot 8GB worth of data tonight, and it's (at the moment) garbage. *sigh.


Anyway, this was shot before I'd "go pro." JPEG for ya, don't hate me because I'm different. Hate me because I'm better. ;) (Just kidding, I know who the real photographers are, and I'm not one of 'em).


4 minute exposure.

Somewhere between 10, and 22mm.

ISO 100


B+W ND110 (Ten Stop Neutral Density)



NOTE: While I do appreciate ALL the time and effort you put into it, I would rather not have any GIF's in the comments. If you can take the time to copy and paste something, you can take the time to write something original. Thanks!

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Taken on April 13, 2010