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ice station kyle: reliquary | by Kyle Inniatzo
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ice station kyle: reliquary

the dramatic conclusion of the ice planet adventure, where the members of the team not rendered unconscious by 150 yr old unstable explosives or sections of old pipe that fall from the ceiling, encounter the keeper of this place: jishalazenecha.


about 150 yrs ago jishalazenecha was sent with a small amount of the blue ice to this isolated mining station, where she overpowered / tricked / convinced the miners to let the blue ice accrete around them. (it accretes pretty fast when it wants to). oh, and she did the same to a rescue team that came soon after. the blue ice deconstructs the brains of the trapped humans and stores their memories and thought patterns. they don’t get resurrected though, they’re all dead.


other than doing this, jishalazenecha is very polite, and the team was nice enough to give her lift away from the ice planet and back to Botany Bay Station. I wonder if she brought any of the blue ice with her? hmm....


I made an alt to be this character and – whew – I was lucky the name jishalazenecha hadn’t been snapped up!


from (l) to (r) we have:

* Pilot Ellie inspecting a mysterious device embedded in the mysterious blue ice, no doubt attempting to come up with an appropriate ‘I’m a pilot, not a _____” quip

* Lt. Julia inspecting the rest of the chamber in her very sexy, form fitting space suit. Lt. Julia is thinking up a clever plan showing she is lovely and talented.

* Skunk Anthromorph Dan talking to the keeper, trying to get her let them all out. Also pointing out he is not human, so, could someone just show him the exit?

* jishalazenecha, a pseudo-organic construct sent by the quis ophiurde to create the reliquary before the coming of the dawn hunters (there, that explains everything)


location: Botany Bay



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Taken on March 28, 2011