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    1. wetribe 70 months ago | reply

      quick hack using Googles Motion Chart widget and Depth of Field values
      Compare DOF at differnt distances for different lenses at different fstops
      the slider is the fstop - complete hack because slider is suppse to be a date, so instead of a date is the year 1000 plus the fstop * 10, ie f.14 is 1014, f5.6 is 1056
      so the black trail above is the depth of field increasing from f1.4 to f5.6
      of the 50mm lens at 2 meters

    2. unasimple 70 months ago | reply

      Exactly. Here's a question for Canon and the other Camera makers: How hard would it be to have the lenses measure focussing distance and record it in the exif data.

      Not too hard I imagine, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before. Ultimately I would like to see a chart like this be linkable to photos taken at these settings. It would be large step forward for the science of photography.

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