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I was really sick yesterday but am starting to feel better today. I had an awful fever dream last night and was going to do a photo based on it, but it didnt work with the place I´m at now, but I plan to try again sometime on my trip. Ive been having a hard time thinking of conceptual photos here, I think I need to get warmed up to traveling while taking photos, so hopefully Ill get back on track soon. I´ve been skipping too many days and Im sorry about that!

Today I´m in a small town in Bolivia called Copacabanna that rests at the base of a few mountains. It turns out there is a big festival going on this week so it´s really crowded. We went to the beach, which had no other backpackers, but was full of people visiting from nearby towns. We were asked to pose for photos with peoples children and family twice within five minutes, probably since we´re tall, white, and blonde haired. It was really funny, and they were all really friendly. We´re going to Isla del Sol in two days, which has no internet (or power I believe) so I wont be able to post for a few days after that.

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Taken on August 7, 2012