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Crotalus horridus (Canebrake Rattlesnake) | by Kyle L.E.
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Crotalus horridus (Canebrake Rattlesnake)

Northeast Texas - Summer 2014


Turning over this shower bottom at the edge of this debris pile revealed the most exciting find I have ever had as a herper.


As I lifted the edge of the material, I got a glimpse of a small baby canebrake crawling across the surface of an old throw pillow. In the next second, further lifting revealed the bright orange and silver pattern of the mother canebrake, and more neonates began materializing into view.


Realizing what I was seeing, I fled back to the car to retrieve my camera gear, carefully placing the cover and hoping they wouldn't spook too much.


Returning, I found a similar scene and was able to capture it.


This large female canebrake gave birth to a litter of 18 healthy young babies. As I watched, many began to slough their skin, undergoing their first ever skin shed.


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Taken sometime in 2014