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Lunch at Hue Cafe

Every so often I venture across Richmond from my work place beyond No. 9 Rd. all the way down to 6620 No. 3 Rd. for lunch at the Hue Cafe.


I'll have to start off by saying that the pho at Hue is quite good, but still not as good as Bon Cafe. So with that out of the way, the pho is still VERY good. The Hue Cafe keeps things extremely simple. Their entire menu fits on a blackboard.


My favourite lunch meal consists of a ham baguette and small pho combo. 'Small' is simply a technicality, the bowl is completely loaded with beef and noodles and the baguette is always fresh. They have all the usual suspects for a Vietnamese restaurant from pho, to bun, to subs, salad rolls. Everything is always fresh, the only drawback is that they're cash only.

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Taken on February 2, 2009