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    2 exposures hand blended

    1. dan_achatz 65 months ago | reply

      I love your exposure.

      I have noticed that my shots that have the least amount of driveway, seem to be the most popular with my clients. The front door placement and the tree on this home makes doing a shot from camera left more difficult, but it would have been preferable in most cases. A good alternative shot is to do a 3/4 view down low from the right. A low angel across the side lawn can decrease the amount of visible concrete and increase the size of the lawn.

    2. AtlantaTerry 65 months ago | reply

      Nice lighting on the fence. Was it that way or is it your lighting?

    3. dale charles 65 months ago | reply

      yes very nice work, I too like to comp frontals from the house side, rather than the driveway side, always showing the front door

    4. imarker 65 months ago | reply

      Thanks guys, I agree about reducing the driveway, the problem I had here was not only trees but also the land sloped quite a lot down the left. I would have had some difficulty getting enough Hight.
      Terry, this was all ambient.
      Dan, I had two cameras and took another shot from the right but didn't think about dropping down a bit. That might have worked so will try that next time.

    5. chsfoto 65 months ago | reply

      I see that drop off on the left. I've used a 12' painters pole with a remote shutter in similar situations. It's not as steady as a tripod but various programs will align a bracket.

    6. Patty Milms 65 months ago | reply

      dan I will take on board what you said about getting low and shooting across the lawn next time I shoot :) cheers Patty

    7. Patty Milms 65 months ago | reply

      .... so guys when you do a twilight shot like this, would you have waited longer or is this the right time, I did a twilight last week and looking at this I waited way to long:(
      Cheers Patty

    8. imarker 65 months ago | reply

      I did a timelapse of this from another camera set up, if you leave it too late you will lose a lot of the detail. Have a look at this, this the start and stop time for me on this one.
      Time lapse Twilight

    9. dan_achatz 65 months ago | reply

      Patty, make sure that when you drop down, you don't loose the roof line. Sometimes moving back and using a longer lens will yeild the same result.

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