September 2011 Bastrop Fires - by Kerri West
These are images from Monday, September 5th 2011. They were all taken between 16:30 and 18:45.

Please share, but give a credit if you do. Many copies of some of these images were cropped to remove my name at one point, and were credited to another person on a few news stations. I do not get paid for any of this and am not selling the images to the press, so correct credits are all I require.

To give a brief blurb about who I actually am, I grew up in Bastrop County and went to school K-12 in Smithville. I am a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, an EMT-B, and I run a small photography business. My parents live just outside of Bastrop near Rosanky, so I took these photos on a last minute trip to retrieve valuables. Thankfully their house is still okay, and they made it through without the devastating losses than many of my closest friends experienced.
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