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Göklerdeki Bayrak.... (The Turkish Flag in the Sky)

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Bu gece gökyüzünde bayrağımız vardı...

Bayrak aynı kadrajdaydı ama biraz daha uzaktaydı, yakınlaştırdım. Altta o foto'yu da koydum.


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There was the Turkish Flag in the sky... When the lunar occultation of Venus happened :)


Turkish Flag History -as said-:


In the year 1071, after the Battle of Manzikert and the defeat of the Byzantine army, the Seljuk Khan, Alp Arslan was roaming the battlefield where he saw the reflection of the crescent moon and the star on a pool of blood of Turkish warriors. After he saw this image, he decided that this would be the flag representing the Turks.


SPRİNG CLEANİNG; (26.06.2011)


29 "comments" has been erased.



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-And because of these I couldn't read the REAL comments in all that clutter,

especially due to the Flickrs New Page.


And I thank to every one who did write something,

really it made me happy to see so much..

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