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Kupa's playground... | by Kupasdur
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Kupa's playground...

I went back home to attend a wedding, and got to shoot some pictures there. Here you can see the Perak River. It's where

I play as a kid, dippin & catching fish. I had 2 near death experiences with this river. On one occasion I was saved by the river

it self, the strong current pushed me up to the river bank, but I lost all my fish.

On a second occasion, I was doin my retarded dance and fell, got stuck under a big tree branch in the water (tree like in the picture),

Strong current locked me under the big branch. Saved by a dude, pulled me up by grabbing my hair.

We never swim butt naked in this river, cause there's a river puffer-fish that likes to bite small kid's penises! I'm not kidding!

Most of the time, we got our big toe bitten! Maybe it thought the dangling toes or penises as food (fish) LOL!


This majestic river's current is strong, and we lost on average, 2 lives per year to this great river, well during my time.


P/S- Special thanks to Kadavoor, you brought back my memories of playin in the river, remember your river photos.. :-)

P/S2- The actual river I play is further downstream, but the view is same :)


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Taken on January 31, 2010