star trails

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    Canon AE-1

    1. Kurt_mate195 93 months ago | reply

      ooooo now thata lot of stars !!!!!

    2. tarop 92 months ago | reply

      A lot of stars were very beautiful and mysterious !

    3. .RayPG. 67 months ago | reply

      how long was this exposure? I have a canon ae-1 but I dont know how long the battery will be alive during the long exposure... and also what was your aperture of the lens? This is a great photo :D

    4. blake24981 16 months ago | reply

      THIS IS A GREAT PHOTO! As Polaris or the North Star is the center of so much of our 'northern' sky, so is the Lord God the CENTER OF HUMAN LIFE....AND LIFE IS ORDERLY AND HAS PURPOSE when we choose to 'satellite' around the Lord Jesus and His Kingship. .We do not see this order yet, because we humans have free will and we are free to make our choice....imagine that photo if the heavenly bodies had 'free will'. Whew!!

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