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Project [50of50]® : Day Forty Five | by Nicola Bernardi
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Project [50of50]® : Day Forty Five

45 / 50 : This Face.


It's amazing how much we (think we) can read on someone's face.

Emotions, thoughts, ideas, opinions.


We're constantly surrounded by other people's faces and we can't help ourselves : we constantly try to read them.

"What's that guy's problem?" "Poor girl, she looks so sad" "Those two are clearly in love" are just a few examples of sentences that I bet all of us said or even thought.


So let's try with a small experiment, shall we?


What do you read on MY face, tonight?


I would really appreciate to hear what can you READ out of this portrait.


What I see is at first, an angry face: the guy's sick to the bone of having to take yet another portrait of himself. Truth being told, as soon as this project is gonna be over, he promised me that he's gonna stop taking self portraits for a while, he thinks he kinda overdid it during the last 50ish days and he's sick to the bone of having to see that face on the screen.


Than I see a tired face: the guy's a bit out of ideas lately (especially when it comes to self portrait) and he's been walking around for the last 5 hours, almost crossing the entire city since the public transportation is sucky to say the least


But in the end, what i really see is a happy face in disguise : the guy is aware that this is nothing but another self portrait, that the light is not so interesting, that he could have done it better having someone else in front of the lens, nevertheless he also knows that he made it, again, for the 45th day straight.


What have he done, you ask? Well, he simply didn't give up.

He persevered.


And he's damn proud of himself for that.


Forty five done, JUST 5 to go!







Camera Info: Nikon D700 | 50mm (ƒ/1.4G) @ 50mm | ƒ/1.4 | ISO 400 | 1/60th s — Camera on Tripod


Strobist Info: Nikon SB900 | 1/64th Power | Full CTO gel | In a Walimex 20"x20" Softbox subject right | on a light stand


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Taken on November 15, 2012