JJ: Vital Network
Vital is an unbranded HIV social community that draws on the energy, support, and communal empowerment of the commercial fitness model. Vital puts the neighborhood health clinic at the center of an open, empowering, and educational digital experience for young, urban HIV patients. Local mentors will inspire, connect, and guide patients. And through digital tracking, we\'ll do for HIV patients what Nike+ did for runners — track their progress, control their health and get the most out of life.

Vital's audience represents a complex challenge: Young, gay, black urban males recently diagnosed with HIV. You take a young man who is already shouldering the weight of his world and throw him into a foreign world of disease management, clinics, and T-Cells. Local clinics need a digital platform to reach out to these young men and inform, empower, and enable them. To do this, we needed to emulate an experience that is already understood.

Toned arms and dumbbell curls, great legs and treadmills. A solid body is often a status symbol for a young man in the gay community — and there is a world of fitness to empower them. This audience understands and embraces the daily burn, and the lifestyle changes required to achieve a fit body. We draw from this passion to transform their perceptions of immunological health and empower smarter, safer HIV maintenance.

The visual style is derived from these core insights. I had to straddle a delicate line between anonymous participation and lively urban expression.
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