Church (IR) (Fr. 10)

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    Efke IR820 Aura 135
    Hoya R72
    Exposed at ISO 3
    1/4 f/8
    D-76 1:1 70.5 9min.

    My first IR film! Yay! I couldn't find any times for D-76 1:1, so I tacked on 2:45-3:00 to the times for D-76 stock.

    I metered for ISO 3 and bracketed + and - two stops.

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    1. mazdamattc 55 months ago | reply

      What kind of shutter speeds were you getting at iso 3?!? The slowest film I've ever shot was iso 25. Of course, I almost never use a tripod, so speeds slower than 1/30 don't get much exercise on my cameras!

    2. kukkurovaca 55 months ago | reply

      1/4 second at f/8, for the most part. It wouldn't be impossible to handhold on a sunny day provided you were willing to shoot at a wide aperture and use hyperfocal distance.

      However, if you want to either stop down or use more precise focusing with the lens's IR index, then a tripod is pretty much required.

      A rangefinder would make life easier in many respects for this (since you can't see through the viewfinder of an SLR when an IR filter is mounted on the lens), but my Voigtlander lenses don't have IR indices, nor do I know how they perform in IR.

    3. rlnv 55 months ago | reply

      How long before you throw an IR filter on your flash?

    4. kukkurovaca 55 months ago | reply

      Yeah, that's something I've been thinking about. In particular, I wonder what the effect will be if I shoot at night with the D40 with an IR filter on the flash but no filter on the camera...

    5. rlnv 55 months ago | reply

      Should be interesting.

      IR flash is probably the only use of flash I can really see myself getting into. The idea of an invisible flash fits with the way I already take candids of friends and family.

    6. kukkurovaca 55 months ago | reply

      The only difficulty there is that IR light isn't necessarily flattering for human subjects. Of course, IR flash has historically frequently been used in quasi-voyeuristic street photography applications, where flattering the subject isn't really on the agenda. : )

    7. rlnv 55 months ago | reply

      True true. Although for Halloween, more veins may be an appropriate technique...

      In general, I've found myself starting to like how people look through a the red-filter so the IR look (veins aside) may be okay. I've no plans to go all Weegee on people though.

    8. kukkurovaca 54 months ago | reply

      Or Yoshiyuki. They've got a couple of his (tamer) IR photographs at SFMOMA now. : )

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