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One of the things I love the most about photography is how as a photographer you are in total control to tell a story through the picture. The mood, setting, as well as the feelings the picture portrays are all completely within your control. How you compose and capture a particular scene can tell such a different story from one photograph to another.


This photograph and my previous post linked below are a great example of how by simply changing a few minor elements, I was able to drastically change not only the mood, but the emotion the scene conveys. Both photographs from this location were taken on the same morning. In fact, no more than five minutes separates the two shots. As well the photographs were taken from within ten feet of each other, and yet they convey such different scenes to the viewer.


The composition of my earlier post conveys a sense of order and symmetry. The smoothed out long exposure water adds a sense of calm to the scene. The B&W conversion further adds to the lack of drama and emphasizes a smoothness and flow from front to back. Overall the image conveys that sense of peace throughout.


In comparison the composition of this image conveys a sense of asymmetry and disorder. The motion of the water and waves exploding on the foreground pier adds a sense of danger and excitement. The raw power of the waves building in the ocean amplifies the drama of the scene. Lastly the warmer red and yellow colors on the horizon convey a sense of warmth and energy.


To me, this is the true heart of photography, the ability to capture and convey the emotion of a scene in a manner that it tells a unique story.


I always appreciate your critique on any of my images, as it helps me to improve.



Tech Info:



Canon 5D mark II

Canon 24-105L lens @24mm main shot, 105mm moon shot

.4 sec. (moon .3 sec) @ F8

ISO 50

Hitech .9 GND Soft

Main scene and moon RAW files processed in Lightroom 3

Moon exposure hand blended in PS. Neither the existence or location of the moon is fake.

TIFF file processed with Photoshop CS4




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Taken on January 21, 2011