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KT Tape for TFCC


Positioning: Wrist in RADIAL deviation (tilted to the thumb side of the hand)


Strip # 1- take a pre cut 10” I strip off of the roll. This will be kept an I strip. With the wrist in the position above, anchor the base of the I strip on the pinky side of the forearm up towards the elbow with the rest of the strip pointing towards the hand. Peel the backing off of the strip, leaving yourself a little tab to hold onto on the last inch or two of the strip. With 50% tension, lay the strip down along the forearm and ulnar side of the wrist. Once past the wrist, release all of the tension in the tape and lay it down with ZERO tension.


Strip #2- Take a orecut 10” I strip and fold it in half horizaontally. Take some scissors and round cut the folded edge. This will give you 2 5” long by 2” wide I strips. Save one of these strips for later use. Take the other one and tear the paper backing into thirds and remove the middle section of papr backing. This strip is called a “bandaid” strip and is very useful in your taping tool box. Have a friend grab the two tabs on each side of the strip and pull 100% tension in the middle of it. Apply the strip right over the ulnar side of the wrist in the position described above. Before laying the two ends down, move the wrist back into neutral position and lay them down with zero tension.


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Taken on April 11, 2012