She caught me !

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    Another photo from my new lens tryout.

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    1. marleh 90 months ago | reply

      She caught u and i think she didn´t like it...

      Congrats for the new lens!!

    2. *ian* 90 months ago | reply

      What a fabulous shot! It doesn't look like she's admiring your new lens though! :)

    3. No MSG 90 months ago | reply

      nice lens! she looks angry. I hope she didn't call police to arrest you :)

    4. kktp_ 90 months ago | reply

      [schizophrenia], thank you, but sorry no upskirt haha :)

      Thank you, Juliana :)

      Thank you, Ian, may be she afraid of it :)

      Ngoc, thank you, police is better than she throw something at my lens, haha :)

    5. woman on the moon [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      Congrazt...with your new fabulous toy. It's such a good treat to buy lens as a birthday gift for yourself :)

    6. *hb19 (R.I.P.) 90 months ago | reply

      she looks mad???? she???

    7. sakura love 90 months ago | reply

      She seems mad :DD did she say anything ??

    8. Koninho [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      Very nice P'K. !! Love the angry glaze ;)
      Keep on with portraits, with or without the 85mm...

    9. oliwkowygaj 90 months ago | reply

      great photo! why she looks like thinking about killing you :)

    10. kktp_ 90 months ago | reply

      Zenith / Kingkarn, thank you both !

      Horst, i guess she was :)

      Ying, haha, yes, but luckily she just walk away :)

      Koninho, thank you, and i will do from time to time :)

      Ania, thank you. she probably don't like to be photoed by stranger, or just surprised to see camera right on her face :)

    11. * tathei * 90 months ago | reply

      oh she seems not very happy! hahaha

      why don't you get ZF 85mm f/1.4 instead? i bought ZF 50mm f/1.4 and i think Zeiss lens is really brilliant!!! can really tell the big difference even i am not a pro!

    12. kktp_ 90 months ago | reply

      Jonathan, yes, that zeiss is nice and less than $100 more expensive here. but i need to use it this weekend and they don't have it in stock here. so i'll just enjoy this one :)

    13. kengeo 90 months ago | reply

      she looks very angry bro. did she chase ya?

    14. kktp_ 90 months ago | reply

      hybrd, lucky, she just walk away :)

    15. IrisC 90 months ago | reply

      haha, I really love this shot!! :D

    16. ... real gone [deleted] 90 months ago | reply

      She is not very confident from your shot, but your are still living and that is great ;-)

      Have a wonderful day :-)))

    17. Kinryuu_JFJ 90 months ago | reply

      Great capture =)

    18. infin8photo 87 months ago | reply

      Hahahaa! If looks could kill. Makes it more memorable though. Great candid.

    19. martin nieto 73 months ago | reply

      very nice! i like it!

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