Kyle Supley's Virtual Museum of Mid-Century, Mod, and Kitsch Design
This set of over 12,000 + images (and growing) represents over 15 years of saved images from Ebay which include the wackiest and most wonderful items from the past century, especially the mid-century, arguably the most productive and affluent (albeit tacky) of all of the decades. Many of these items I own, the majority I can only wish i own, hence this Virtual Web Museum curated by yours truly. I am 30 years old now and this set will continue to grow. Enjoy!

These objects, when viewed as a whole, represent my design sensibility and love for all things quirky, bizarre, and just plain awesome.

These items may appear trashy and cheap by today's standards, (I beg to differ) but at the time many of these items represented the most cutting edge in design and technology, and in today's world of disposable design and green initiatives, these items are incredibly unique in their fabulous design and craftsmanship.

Most of these items were not designer name products, but were generally affordable and popular housewares and objects purchased and used by regular Americans at a time when craftsmanship and good design were still the norm, and America was flush with spending cash. Sadly, today almost no household goods are made to be unique or well made. Hence my affection and intrigue into this rare, and possibly never to be repeated era.

Please enjoy my virtual museum and check back often!

Thank you to all of the owners and photographers who brought these objects to the light of day to be appreciated and loved once again, also thank you Ebay and Flickr for creating the vehicle to do so.

Please comment if you love this era as much as I do! We should all stick together!

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