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07/52: Man Flu | by ksten
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07/52: Man Flu

Yes, I know, I have very pretty feet.


The lurgy has been going round our family in recent weeks and over the last few days I've had my turn to enjoy it. Obviously being male, it has hit me the hardest which gave me the idea for the photo this week. Although I'm feeling pretty much fine again now, tonight was the first chance I've had to devote some time to making the picture.


I set the lights up first and took some test shots of my hand. I wanted the feel of a body in a morgue so I made use of blue and green gels. One blue gelled flash was bounced off the ceiling for a generally cold ambient feel. I then added a rim light to my feet from camera right with a green gelled flash and brought up the exposure on the label / soles of my feet using another green gelled flash from camera left.


I set the camera up on a tripod with a wireless remote and configured the camera to autofocus when the shutter button is depressed (I don't usually have the camera set up this way as I use the AF-ON button to focus). This meant it would auto-focus when I held the remote trigger halfway down. I then set the camera to display the photograph on the display after each shot, which is again something that I don't usually do. I positioned a mirror behind the camera so that I could then see the result of each photograph from where I was sat on the bed. This meant that I could move my feet slightly to where I wanted them in the frame. Well, it kept me amused for a while anyway.


I hope you're all well!




430EXII, 1/2, 24mm, Blue gel, bounced off ceiling

430EX, 1/64, 105mm, Green gel, aimed at the soles of my feet from camera left

430EX, 1/32, 105mm, Green gel, rim light on my toes from camera right


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Taken on February 19, 2012