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14/365: Time will slip through your fingers (Explore Front Page) | by Ksenia.Klykova
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14/365: Time will slip through your fingers (Explore Front Page)

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...and like the sand that the sea washes away, you will never get it back. I wonder if I'm the only one a little obsessed with the concept of time. I'm a procrastinator, but I hate unproductive days. Realizing that the day is finishing and I haven't done anything is one of worst feelings I can think about. That is why I love mornings and getting up early: I know I still have a whole day ahead. Evenings makes me feel depressed.


In half a year I will be 20 (I know, I look younger. Sigh), I am not excited about it at all. When we moved to Spain, instead of beginning 2nd of primary like I should have done, I began 1st. So I have always been a year older than my classmates. Everybody was telling me how lucky I was because I could go to the discos and have a car before they could. I don't like discos and I don't want a car, so I didn't understand why I should be looking forward to it. Maybe because I know I must make choices, and I'm afraid of making the wrong ones and then realizing it's too late. I know, you will say that everbody makes wrong choices: it is part of life. I'm concious of it, but that doesn't make me like more the idea.


Someone (now I can't remember who) told that time is nothing more than a collections of experiences. My biggest fear is having an empty life. Realizing that I'm old and I haven't done anything that would be worth remembering. That I just let the time go by.


#38: I had the idea for this picture in my head for days, but Sam put it into practice before than I did. Different execution, similar concept: great minds think alike ;)


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