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castle red

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! It's almost a 10!!!!!!!!!!






I might not be on Explore, but I know I am worthy of that place on Flickr.


I was too silent about Explore for 5 months now. But it reached a point where I cannot stay mute from my frustrations and disappointments with the treatment I am getting from Flickr.


From July 20, 2009, the date my last photo was able to sneak in to Explore and up to this date, there have been 160 days. And for 160 days, not a single one of my images got lucky to be on the top 500. Not even to grab the last place. I'm beginning to think I got the worst pictures on planet flickr.




I probably know a thing or two on how to be selected on Explore and what things will make pictures ineligibles. Yes. Because of being a member for almost 4 years now. Yeah, I've read the rumors or things flickr led us to believe that the number and types of groups are negative factors for Explore consideration especially those that will require you to comment.


And that is totally absurd. Why do we have groups on Flickr? Just to submit and forget? It's like you post your picture and then presto, someone will comment on your picture. Totally insane. Maybe if you're famous, yes. But most of the time, you got to work to harvest comments.


And group administrators should not even tell the posters to post and comment. What is this? This is like a kindergarten class that we are told what we were supposed to do. And adding comments to images is not work without compensation. You comment and most people will reciprocate.


And it was just lately that I begun submitting my images to the groups. It was more of a statement and another of my experiments.


Also some urgency for me since I needed some exposure before my HDR book is out. But due to lack of interest by Flickr Explore on my pictures, I am manufacturing some interests via the groups. And I submit my pictures only when they got invited.


If you checked my previous images, I never had groups except mostly the HDR group and sometimes my KK Contacts.


If you ask me, I don't know why groups are such a taboo thing on Flickr while Flickr staff is telling me to use groups to socialize and be known. We never invented the groups. Flickr introduced us to the groups. And now, it is a bad idea.




I tried posting non-photoshopped images & non-HDR photos. Nothing works. But looking at images on Explore, there are photoshopped and HDR photos. If I post Pandas, I love Qatar and Smoking Girls, they would probably still be ignored.


My last image that was included on Explore was posted last July. I even had to sacrifice and remove my last best image with so many comments and favorites thinking it was the cause of my banishment from Explore. Unfortunately, it was not since the gate of Explore is still locked for my images.




Another point of contention could be, hey, Flickr is giving newbies chance to be on Explore so they will be hooked. I can understand that. Newcomers should be exposed especially the best ones and with potentials.


However, my problem here is that I can easily recognize people, established ones, who are given a daily dose of special reserved seats on Explore no matter what they produce.


Explore has been a source not of inspiration but rather favoritism and discrimination by Flickr.




I disagree with the spoon fed information that Flickr got this Explore algorithm that seemed a mega-million electronic computer spew out a dynamic list of best 500 for a day at a given time.


Why will I not believe this algorithm exists? Because there's no chance in the world at this time and age that a computer can make out and give artistic impression of an image that is made up of zeroes and ones. No way, Jose. That's a big baloney.




I do believe, though, in the Magic Donkey. Oh yeah. The Magic Donkey Syndrome.


But that donkey is not a donkey at all. That's a person or a group of persons that acts or act like donkeys and selecting pictures from a list generated by computers based on favorites, views, comments and other factors. But they still have to select manually the real stuff and get rid of the pornographic ones and other undesirables. There's no way our best of the best photographs and artworks could rival those ponographic images. Just experiment and show some parts of a human sensitive part. You'll get the visits you will never dream of.


So, there is a human element in the selection of Explore photos that is needed. Or else, Explore will be full of you know what I mean. Full of dirt.


So, when you hear a change in algorithm, whatever it is, that means there was a change of people doing the selection or a change of guidelines they used for Explore.




I wrote Flickr and asked them why I was ignored. All I got was an insensitive and robotic replies. I got two replies from staff at this time with exactly the same message on one case. They both tell me to socialize, comment on people's images and join groups. As if I have no networking on Flickr. They treat me like a newcomer. That is why I said their replies were insensitive. Or better, not investigating before sending a reply. They just send a generic reply.




Anyway, it's time to let this go. I just have to vent out and remove this totally, if possible, from my system. On a positive note, this serves actually as a big challenge for me. I strive to be better day by day and I think, I am producing the best as of late.


And my only refuge is my place with my friends. Although I am not on Explore, friends and contacts and new ones still visit me and that adds confidence and self-esteem in what I have been doing.


And now that I put most of my ideas in black and white, this could probably spread among flickr members. If you act alone, big organizations will not give so much time for you. But if we unite as one, this organization will listen. Especially to their paying patrons.




By the way, I am finishing my HDR book and wish that you will support this project. Thank you ALL.



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Taken on December 27, 2009